Our Eurobike 2021 experience

After 1,5 years of lockdown and canceled fairs, it was finally time for the last Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, and we were ready for it!

When we launched the enviolo AUTOMATiQ at the end of 2019 we didn’t expect a pandemic to hit which would send the world into a lockdown. Unfortunately, this meant that the AUTOMATiQ didn’t get the launch and attention that it deserved. We received a lot of positive feedback from our partners and the market but we couldn’t offer any test rides. And in the end, you want people to experience the benefits of automatic stepless shifting instead of only writing about it.

When it was announced that Eurobike 2021 was going ahead, knowing that this would be the first cycling event since the launch, it was clear that our goal was going to let as many visitors experience the AUTOMATiQ cycling experience in all its glory. Together with our partners, we arranged 14 AUTOMATiQ equipped e-bikes that Eurobike visitors could try out at the enviolo stand. Over the course of four days over 1000 test rides were made and we are very proud to see that so many people got to try out the AUTOMATiQ.

Not only did we have a lot of successful test rides and were happy to see our partners face-to-face again,  we also remembered to enjoy the Friedrischshaven scenery and put our own technology to the test. Our hotel was located 25 km away from the Messe and with the weather being nothing but sunny and warm it was the perfect opportunity to cycle to the fair and back. Two colleagues took it one step further by cycling over 800km from Amsterdam to Friedrichshafen, and they made it over safe and sound!

Thank you!

We want to thank everyone for making our participation a great succes. We can’t wait until next year’s Eurobike!

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