enviolo’s education program

We invest a lot of resources in educating our retail and bicycle manufacturer (OEM) partners. We organize multiple on-site Retail Training Series events throughout the year and our Online University helps you refresh your enviolo knowledge anyplace, anytime.

Become an enviolo expert

The Retail Training Series (RTS) aims to educate bicycle mechanics, familiarizing them with enviolo’s features and benefits. In this short video we show you what a typical training day looks like.

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This training focusses on service, assembly and production of enviolo equipped bikes. Learning how to correctly assemble enviolo products optimizes production times and faster service. The training can be hosted on-site or virtually.
During this training all enviolo's product features and benefits are explained. Necessary tools and checklists are provided to help you sell enviolo equipped bikes. The training can be hosted on-site or virtually.
Have a dedicated technical enviolo team present at your House Show. Our team organizes booth product presentations, provides test bikes and teaches basic technical and product training at scheduled times.


The Help Center provides information on bike setup and configurations, service processes and technical guides and also allows you to submit your warranty request.

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Our webinar program offers you the opportunity to expand your enviolo knowledge from anywhere, anytime throughout the year. Gain expertise in installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and promoting enviolo equipment.

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Test your knowledge in our Online University. Here you will find videos, technical descriptions, quizzes and more. We will teach you everything to help you become an enviolo expert.

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