enviolo equipped operators

Our partners from delivery bike suppliers to shared mobility operators and fleet lease

We are enabling our partner operators in Western Europe and America to build great shared mobility e-bike networks. Improving the overall bike ride experience making each ride safer, efficient and much more pleasurable.

The enviolo hub is the perfect match for bikes with a high frequency of use, as different riders bring different riding styles. Our enclosed hub offers protection against external influences which increases durability and extends product lifetime. Resulting in less downtime for our partner operators.


Shared Mobility brands with enviolo

Wait. Lyft offers bikes now? Sure do. Whether you’re going that first mile or that last mile, Lyft bikes are a fun and affordable way to get around your city.

PubliBike embodies mobile, urban, and sustainable service. All activities are aimed to contribute to the transformation of mobility and thus find solutions to reduce the impact of transport on the environment.

UIP finances, plans, builds, and operates urban infrastructure with partners and the user in focus. UIP is experienced in the development of urban space and micromobility and offers A to Z  services in the largest cities in Norway.

Donkey Republic - Shared mobility with enviolo

Besides providing convenient, affordable, flexible and sustainable transportation, Donkey Republic wants to connect with riders and encourage them to take part in the transformation in urban mobility.


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