How do we create lasting positive impact?

enviolo began with a singular belief: cycling embodies the ultimate form of mobility. Since then, our mission has been to empower bike makers to create exceptional bikes.

To unleash the transformative power of the bicycle, we recognize that the cycling community must address challenging yet essential questions. How sustainable are the manufacturing processes behind our products? How empowered are the communities linked to our operations? How future-proof are the decisions we take today?

We believe we can do better. In fact, we believe we must do better.

‘envision’ serves as a call to action for us and our peers— a call to envision a better, brighter outlook for the cycling industry. Yet, we refuse to be bystanders on this journey. Our goal is to be a driving force in creating this future.  

From using lower carbon materials in our products to promoting responsible sourcing and fostering an empowered workforce, ‘envision’ entails  11 pledges aimed at reducing our environmental footprint and maximizing our social impact. 

Join us as we transform the way we ride, conduct business, and advocate for people-centric urban communities. Let’s envision a world where every turn of the pedal propels us towards a brighter future.

Our sustainability commitments

11 targets we aim to achieve by 2030







Thriving Planet

We’re unwavering in our commitment to improve the well-being of urban communities worldwide while simultaneously minimizing the environmental footprint of designing, manufacturing, and using our products.

Climate change

Reduce our organizational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Target: 30% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and 15% reduction in Scope 3 emissions by 2030 (versus 2022 baseline).

The signs of climate change are all around us: it’s the existential threat of our time, and the risks of climate inaction are too significant to ignore. Our climate targets compel us to scrutinize both our direct operations and beyond, taking meaningful steps to mitigate our emissions.

Our climate pledge


Increase the use of recycled materials in our portfolio

Target: 25% average recycled content across our products and packaging by 2030.

Incorporating more recycled materials in our products is a no-brainer. Increased recycled content not only reduces our dependence on Earth’s finite resources but also empowers us to decarbonize our supply chain.

Recycled not just recyclable


Extend the useful lifetime of our products

Target: 4,000 products given a second life by 2030.

We strive to minimize the number of our products that end up being scrapped at end-of-life– or worse, prematurely. Our new second-life program helps ensure that enviolo products remain cherished and used for longer.

Cyc-ular by nature

Empowered Community

We aim to inspire and empower, starting from within but extending far beyond.


Produce superior quality products that promote healthy lifestyles

Target: 100% of Tier 1 and high-priority Tier 2 suppliers have undergone on-site quality audits by 2030.

Our stepless shifting transmissions don’t just make for smoother rides, but safer ones too. Our commitment to rider safety begins before the first kick of the pedal.

Quality that matters


Promote cycling-friendly communities and policies

Target: 50% increase in bike use in Europe by 2030.

We believe that the transformative power of bicycles really comes to life when they are used by as many people as possible all over the world. Our ambitions must therefore extend beyond simply producing exceptional components for great bikes; we need to actively and unapologetically encourage more people to start pedaling– everywhere, every day.

Get Pedaling!


Provide a rewarding and engaging working environment

Target: 70% increase in employee engagement and satisfaction levels by 2030.

Making a meaningful and lasting impact on the world starts from within. To get the best out of our people, we need to make sure our own working conditions and workplace culture inspires greatness.

Greatness from within


Provide our employees with a sense of belonging and worth

Target: 30%+ of senior management roles held by women by 2030.

Diversity brings unique perspectives, enriches our culture and drives innovation. In an industry that is predominantly male-dominated– it’s especially crucial that we advocate for change.

enviolo for everyone

Responsible Business

Sustainability is ultimately about taking the right measures today to ensure that our business remains resilient, responsible and relevant tomorrow.


Work towards a safe supply chain free of child- and forced labor

Target: 100% of Tier 1 and high-priority Tier 2 suppliers have undergone independent social audits by 2030.

Producing premium bicycle components should never compromise human rights in the supply chain. We are deeply committed to partnering with suppliers who prioritize dignified working conditions for their employees.

Dignified employment– everywhere and always


Build and maintain a culture of integrity, ethical conduct and regulatory compliance

Target: 100% annual completion rate of compliance and ethics-focused training among relevant enviolo employees by 2030.

We impact the lives of countless individuals daily and globally: customers, retailers, cyclists, supply chain partners, employees, shareholders, and all members of society affected by the way we do business. Our commitment to them is that we display integrity and responsibility in everything we do.

A force for good


Engage in fair and supportive procurement practices with our suppliers

Target: 90% average score on Supplier Relationship Index, as reported by tier 1 suppliers by 2030.

Our contract manufacturers aren’t just vendors we engage with at arm’s length. They are crucial partners in our mission to deliver premium, high-quality, sustainable products. Given our high expectations of them, it’s only natural that they should also expect a lot from us.

Partners not vendors

Critical Materials

Reduce the risk associated with our dependence on geographically concentrated raw materials

Target: 100% of subcomponents made of critical raw materials are covered by a sourcing contingency plan by 2030.

Some of the materials used in green mobility products present environmental, social and geopolitical challenges. We will strive to mitigate the risks associated with these materials to make sure that our customers benefit from a more resilient and sustainable supply chain.

Future-proofing our supply chain


Why 11 focus areas and targets? ‘envision’ is the outcome of a thorough double materiality assessment of the environmental, social and governance impacts, risks and opportunities we face -or expect to face- as a company.

Our assessment is designed to help us prioritize those areas that matter most  to us, our stakeholders and society at large, and has been structured around the guiding principles of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

Read our 2023 Double Materiality Assessment Report

policies & governance

We recognize that the way we govern our company and manage our business relations is closely intertwined with the future of our planet. Below, you can find and download the set of policies we have developed to help us meet our sustainability commitments.

Code of conduct

Last revised: February 14, 2023
Download PDF

Environmental Policy

Last revised: January 31, 2024
Download PDF

Human Rights Policy

Last revised: January 31, 2024
Download PDF

Anti-corruption Policy

Last revised: January 31, 2024
Download PDF

Whistleblower Policy

Last revised: January 31, 2024
Download PDF

Supplier Code of Conduct

Last revised: March 8, 2022
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