Product Day 2024 recap: enviolo celebrates innovation and partnership at its Amsterdam headquarters

Amsterdam, March 5th 2024 – enviolo, known for its unique stepless shifting products, is delighted to announce the success of its first Product Day. The event, hosted at enviolo’s headquarters, captivated attendees with a day filled with dynamic presentations, thought-provoking discussions, and hands-on experiences, leaving participants inspired and energized about the future of urban mobility.

Over 30 product-focused industry professionals from Western Europe gathered at enviolo’s Headquarters at the Looiersgracht in Amsterdam for Product Day 2024. With this first edition’s Product Day, enviolo wanted to inspire and motivate the bike industry to collaborate towards a more sustainable future and seek collaboration to re-ignite the desire to improve products and bikes. 

The day started with a warm welcome from CEO David Hancock, who highlighted the deliberate choice of the location of the company’s headquarters, emphasising its reflection of the lifestyles and communities they aim to promote through their products. Despite the challenges faced by the industry, including reduced revenues and uncertainty, Hancock remained optimistic about the future of eBikes and enviolo. He underscored the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, including the introduction of a portfolio-wide new axle platform, the next generation of auto shift products and ongoing development projects.


Thomas Ettema, Head of Product at enviolo:

The Product Day was a valuable opportunity for us to connect with industry experts, and discuss the future of urban mobility. The panel session, in particular, sparked insightful discussions, underscoring our shared dedication to propel e-bike technology forward amidst the challenging landscape the industry sits in.  Every contributor highlighted a different viewpoint while adding to the collaborative goal of creating better forms of personal transportation in a more sustainable business model. 


The event featured a keynote speech by Marco te Brömmelstroet, Professor of Urban Mobility Futures at the University of Amsterdam and founding academic director of The Urban Cycling Institute. Brömmelstroet challenged the audience to contemplate the future of urban mobility, sparking thought-provoking discussions and inspiring new perspectives on the role of cycling in shaping sustainable cities. Marco got attendees thinking about the potential of cycling with the goal of getting the audience to think differently about mobility.  


“It’s refreshing to see a company like enviolo investing in the future, even during challenging times. The Product Day was a testament to their innovative spirit and commitment to the cycling industry”
Bob Vroegh, Founder & Head of Design at VROEGH Design 

In addition to the engaging presentations and panel discussions, attendees had the chance to test-ride the latest AUTOMATiQ Firmware and explore enviolo’s innovative solutions firsthand.

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