Comodule integrates enviolo to make e-bike rides smoother

Comodule and enviolo have partnered up to make e-bike riding more comfortable than ever. enviolo’s AUTOMATiQ shifting technology is now integrated with Comodule’s IoT solution, and accessible to riders through Comodule’s mobile application. The integration helps to improve the user experience by allowing riders to set their preferred cadence and keep the same pedaling speed throughout the whole ride.

Connectivity enables to personalize e-bike settings

In addition to the possibility to track the location of the e-bike and read its data, one of the biggest values of connectivity is enabling e-bike riders to personalize their bike settings – f.e. how much assistance is provided or set power limiters. As connectivity also enables to update the performance of the e-bike over the air, the possibilities of improving the bike are endless. For the e-bike owner, all the mentioned features come together in Comodule’s White Label App – a digital companion, allowing riders to have full control over their bike.

enviolo integration improves the riding experience

To improve e-bike riding experience and make more options available for riders, we have integrated enviolo shifting technology with our IoT solution. E-bikes that are equipped with enviolo can easily integrate it to Comodule’s IoT and vice versa, making it possible to set a suitable pedaling cadence in Comodule’s White Label App, eliminating the need for a separate app to control the shifting system.

“enviolo and Comodule are simplifying the handlebar and delivering a better and safer e-bike riding experience. It’s a huge compliment to enviolo and the success of the AUTOMATiQ stepless technology that IoT pioneer Comodule is willing to investest their engineering resources to make this possible.” says Billy van den Ende, Director of enviolo Brand Experience.

Simply put, the automatic shifting technology has a ‘set it and forget it’ approach. Riders of e-bikes equipped with enviolo just need to set up their preferred cadence in Comodule’s app and the AUTOMATiQ shifter will take care of the rest. The system will remember the pre-set cadence and the bike will automatically shift at the desired speed, taking into account any changes in the surroundings.

Whether the ride is up or downhill, the rider can always pedal at the same pace, without ever having to stop or having the need to backpedal. While stopping between traffic lights, the bike will automatically return to the pre-set cadence that the system previously memorized.

Shared mission to empower micromobility 

“We are always looking for ways to improve and to provide a peace-of-mind riding experience to the users. We’re glad to integrate enviolo with Comodule’s IoT solution and make it easier for e-bike riders to choose their preferred riding settings all from one place. Automatic shifting is a big step towards safer and smoother e-bike rides, allowing riders to concentrate on the important aspects of a bike ride such as traffic or scenery instead of shifting,” says Sven Bernhardt, Head of Sales in Comodule.

Coming up with this collaboration is the first step towards a more vast integration and ultimately, making connected emissionless transport the preferred choice of mobility. The two companies are working on a common roadmap to make further cooperation even stronger.

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