Training season 20/21 kicks off with Gates Carbon Drive

UPDATE (July 2023): We have a new official Retail Training Series events page. More information and available training sessions here:

August 18, 2020 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands – enviolo kicks-off the next edition of its face-to-face training season this November. After the success of the past four retail training seasons, the stepless gear shifting company is inviting European bike retailers to attend high-level workshops that, in select locations, will be in collaboration with Gates Carbon Drive.

“We are looking forward to the joint trainings with enviolo. There is a constantly growing number of bikes with the combination of enviolo and Gates Carbon Drive that are available in the shops – so the training content of both systems is a real gain for the participating retailers in their daily work with the customers,” says Martin Stenske, Gates.

The entire training season will consist of more than 75 sessions at 28 locations across DACH & Benelux  and will be conducted in German, Dutch and now in English. English trainings will be conducted in the European hubs of Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Technical full day sessions include extensive hands-on workshop segments and are ideal for all levels from beginner to advanced. Due to popular demand,  enviolo have also extended their education plan to include half-day Update and Sales Trainings. The Update Training is designed to provide value for past participants, or long-time enviolo retailers, to refresh knowledge and share product updates. The Sales Training includes tips and tricks for in-store sales conversions perfect for savvy shop owners and sales staff.

When surveyed about last season’s training days, one retailer said:  “Great training. Best in a long time. We are used to being active the whole day when working, and so like to be active in training. With lots of hands-on activities, the content sticks best in our minds”.

With heightened interest coming from the new AUTOMATiQ product launched in 2020 and new OE Brands equipping enviolo, the component company plans on training 25% more retailers than last year. Richard Hilgart, Head of Technical Sales & Education, shared his thoughts on the upcoming training season:

“It has been a challenging year for everyone, but even more than before the eBike has become a means of transport replacing public transportation and cars. One of the most successful product combinations in this commuter segment is the combination of the Gates belt drive with our maintenance free hubs, which is why we are super excited to partner up with Gates for the next edition of our retail training series. This will of course be supported by the overwhelming success and adoption of our new AUTOMATiQ product line-up.”

Free training is given to those retailers who are already enviolo members. All details related to the program’s benefits and pricing, plus registrations are available on Registration is now open at, and enviolo look forward to another successful training season.

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