New enviolo AUTOMATiQ App – available now!

As of today the new enviolo AUTOMATiQ app is available for iOS and Android. The new release runs in parallel with a fully refreshed OEM backend.
Since the release of AUTOMATiQ, our next generation of auto shifting products, we have listened to your feedback and gathered everything that we have learned to improve the app in various ways. We are always trying to improve our services and to make sure that everyone gets the best AUTOMATiQ experience.


Discover this yourself by installing the new app and having a look at our How To videos. In these videos we have provided you with; an introduction to the app, showed you how to calibrate the AUTOMATiQ Hub Interface (AHI) and flash company specific specifications.


The AUTOMATiQ app still provides our tried and tested features like; calibration, cadens setting, flashing of the latest AHI firmware and our ‘start after stop’-functionality. The user experience will be slightly different though as we have simplified the process. There is no need for retailers and e-bike riders to login and adjust parameters anymore. The parameter settings are now available to OEM product managers via their AUTOMATiQ backend. The AUTOMATiQ backend has been completely revamped and we have introduced a statistics module. The statistics module provides more insight into data of AUTOMATiQ equipped models.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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