Introducing the new enviolo AUTOMATiQ

September 4 2019 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands – enviolo is proud to introduce its latest innovation, the enviolo AUTOMATiQ. This new system is the solution to many commonly recurring rider problems from the urban cyclist in stop and go situations, to the sportive cyclist who wants full access to their drive system at all times.

‘The benefits of AUTOMATiQ shifting are easy to recognize for any daily cyclist: The input mix between man and machine are now as efficient as possible. No more struggling to get away from a stoplight or when climbing a bridge. The AUTOMATiQ system takes care of all the thinking so you can just enjoy the ride!’ says Taeke Bijlsma, Product Manager, Brinckers.

Each of enviolo’s five groupsets has its own version of the AUTOMATiQ shift system. These easy-to-maintain systems provide a unique cycling experience through cadence control, an optimized transmission ratio, higher torque capabilities and also support a clean look with integrated controls and in-frame cable routing. If riders desire they can now also customize their ride profiles themselves and update their systems without having to visit their local bike shop.

A stronger shift motor has also been integrated to complement the trend of heavier loads and higher torques requested by younger riders, plus there are four user interface options available to operate the systems including integration with eBike motor systems, for instance Bosch. 

enviolo’s new AUTOMATiQ system has already been met with positive feedback from the retail channel, with Nick Hielckert, Operations Manager at Juizz sharing that  ‘The enviolo system is already a very low maintenance system, and if you add the AUTOMATiQ version then you don’t have to think about switching gears. You can think about moving, cycling, getting from A-B in town. That’s the form of mobility that we at Juizz want to sell’.

These next generation AUTOMATiQ products have already caught the interest of several innovative bike manufacturers, and enviolo has selected 7 exclusive launch partners, to carry the first models featuring the technology. Brinckers with the enviolo CITY AUTOMATiQ groupset, HNF-NICOLAI, Koga and Winora with the enviolo TREKKING AUTOMATiQ groupset, Bergstrom and Tern with the enviolo SPORTIVE AUTOMATiQ groupset, and finally, Urban Arrow with the enviolo CARGO AUTOMATiQ groupset. 

Starting April 2020, the new AUTOMATiQ systems will be available for all other bike brands.

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