enviolo and KMC launch education partnership

December 19 2018, Amsterdam / Heerenveen, the Netherlands – enviolo, and chain manufacturer, KMC, set up a long-term collaboration. Both companies will teach retailers the ins and outs of their technologies and system maintenance, boosting standards in B2B education programs. Therefore, between January and April 2019, KMC will join some of enviolo’s MY2019 retailer workshops.

With their recently introduced Membership program and the successful training series, enviolo already created an extensive level of support. The mix of face-to-face sessions and retail tools received since its introduction a considerable appreciation from the market. This extensive dealer interaction captured KMC’s enthusiasm, who is currently undertaking efforts in expanding towards aftermarket activities in Europe.

“At KMC we see it as a great opportunity to join forces in order to introduce our latest drivetrain solutions to our customers. We are very pleased to cooperate with enviolo, a company driven by constant innovations and a clear focus on usability, quality and service. enviolo hubs combined with KMCs drive train components will provide a maximum durability and meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers. We are happy that we can join enviolo’s training series to introduce our solutions,” says Michael Stichling, Sales Manager at KMC.

Initially, KMC’s trainers will join enviolo’s face-to-face workshops in six locations, Zwolle, Breda, Hamburg, Ede, Weiterstadt, and Eindhoven. “Collaborating with such an important industry player is very exciting for us. KMC brings in plenty of interesting and valuable technical details. We are sure they will spark the interest of retailers. We take this cooperation as a great opportunity to form experts in our technologies who later on can easily support consumers, whatever their needs,” adds Niels van der Steen, Marketing Manager at enviolo.

With most locations already sold out, enviolo opened additional sessions retailers can join. Registration, including for the KMC supported workshops, is available at enviolo.com/training.

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