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Who do I apply it to a wheel?

The anti-shift retainer provides 135mm spacing, and should remain on the CVP during lacing and wheelbuilding.

  • The maximum spoke diameter is #13/2.34mm
  • The minimum spoke diameter is #14/2.00mm

Suggested lacing is a 2-cross pattern for 26 inch and 700c wheels.

  • Use a 3-cross pattern only if the rim allows the nipples to be effectively in-line with the spokes.

For 24 inch or smaller wheels a 1-cross pattern is suggested. A 3-cross pattern is not recommended since the hub size makes the angle between spoke and flange unfavourable.

Radial lacing is not recommended.

In order to have a symetric wheel assembly on the 148mm version, please insert the wheel dishing spacer between the hub and the non-drive side bolt [A].

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