Retail Training Series 2024/2025

Become a certified enviolo expert!
Running from October 2024 until March 2025

Join the next edition of our successful on-site training

Our Retail Training Series typically runs between October and April. Currently, there are no Retail Training sessions scheduled. Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil the new training locations and dates, august 2024. Meanwhile, enjoy our recap video from last year and get excited for what’s ahead!



About the retail training series

The Retail Training Series is enviolo’s official on-site education program. In our enviolo training, you will learn the essential skills for installing, maintaining, and promoting the latest enviolo equipment. We focus on quality, not quantity. This means two dedicated trainers for a group from 15 to max 30 people. We will tell but mostly show you our products on hand and create an exciting and interactive day where we teach you everything you need know about enviolo.

Our enviolo members receive 3 free training tickets, click here to learn more.

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We offer 2 types of training during the day:

€99 excl. VAT
This full-day session will focus on our latest product updates and introductions, with extensive hands-on workshop segments. This training is ideal for enviolo beginners and advanced partners who want to gain technical knowledge on our entire product range.
Product updates
enviolo Manual workshops
enviolo AUTOMATiQ & App workshops
Configuration & test riding AUTOMATiQ
Coffee, tea, water and snacks
Unique enviolo gift
Gates workshop ✚
Lunch ✚
6 hands-on workshops ✚
Unique Gates gift ✚
enviolo PRO certification ✚
€39 excl. VAT
This half day training course will focus on our newest products and updates. This includes several demos, test riding and hands-on experiences with our products. Suitable for everyone who is new to enviolo, but also great (as a refresher) for experienced partners.
Product updates
enviolo Manual workshops
enviolo AUTOMATiQ & App workshops
Configuration & test riding AUTOMATiQ
Coffee, tea, water and snacks
Unique enviolo gift
enviolo PURE certification
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Check the table on the event page to see what’s included for the different training sessions and/or see the answer on “What is the difference between the pro and expert training?”.

To get an idea of what the training looks like, you can also watch our recap video from last season.

Yes you can. Login to your eventbrite account on a computer and go to tickets. Click on edit to change your name.

We start at 09:00 with our introduction, so make sure to be there on time. Our PRO training finishes at 12PM, our EXPERT training includes lunch and an afternoon program that will end around 4PM.

Just your ticket, and make sure you are at the location on time to start at 09:00.

Both include the same morning program that will include multiple workshops about our manual and AUTOMATiQ systems, showcase of our app and testriding. The PURE training is done around 12PM. The PRO will stay for a healthy lunch and get more hands-on in smaller groups.

No worries. If you arrive a bit later, you can still join. No need to let us know. Only If you have a last minute cancellation, please get in touch.

Some venues are not confirmed yet. The locations will be added on the homepage and on your ticket, at the latest 3 weeks before the start date of the event. We will personally inform you once the location is confirmed.

The enviolo membership program is a 1-year subscription of €299. It is currently only available in the whole of Europe. The membership includes: 3 free RTS ticket, 20% discount on, warranty judgment in your shop and more!

You will have the option to fill in your promo code during check-out of your preferred date. Once you fill in the code a new box appears called ENVIOLO CODE. Choose the amount of tickets you would like to buy.

Double check the code, if it still doesn’t work, please reach out via [email protected] and we’ll have a look.

No, this is not possible. You can only purchase tickets for the same day in 1 order. For every other day you have to place a new order.


Enviolo Membership

The enviolo membership program is aimed to strengthen the relationship we have with our retailers by exchanging knowledge, awareness and support. The membership is a one year subscription available at €299,- per year and includes the following key benefits:

The membership is currently available BENELUX & DACH regions. We are currently looking at other markets to offer the membership.

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The Help Center provides information on bike setup and configurations, service processes and technical guides and also allows you to submit your warranty request.

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Our webinar program offers you the opportunity to expand your enviolo knowledge from anywhere, anytime throughout the year. Gain expertise in installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and promoting enviolo equipment.

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Test your knowledge in our Online University. Here you will find videos, technical descriptions, quizzes and more. We will teach you everything to help you become an enviolo expert.

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