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AUTOMATiQ – ride profiles

The enviolo AUTOMATiQ platform independent of the AUTOMATiQ interface type offers several ride profile options, which let you adjust the ride behaviour based on your personal preferences. For the launch of the program these consist of the following three options:

  • Eco will preserve the most battery range by shifting less both in frequency and aggressiveness and optimizing the system efficiency, while making sure you still have an enjoyable ride
  • Comfort is the perfect profile for the relaxed recreational rider that simply wants to cruise along with a smooth ride
  • Sport is the preferred choice if you are a more sportive rider or commuter that wants to accelerate quickly, while also ensuring the system is measuring your ride input in a very sensitive manner

These ride profiles can be further optimized through the customizable traffic light setting, which allows you to set the ratio that the system should start from after coming to a halt. Ultimately it comes down to your personal preference, so play with it! As a good starting point we recommend a lower ratio (0.5-0.6) for cargo bikes or inexperienced riders, while we recommend a medium ratio (0.7-0.9) for the everyday relaxed rider and a higher ratio (1.0) for sportive commuters.

These settings should not be confused with the drive system assist and/or hub interface capability, which is completely independent of these settings.

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